Standard T5 HO 2 Foot 4 Bulb Fixture with 6500k Bulbs

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  • Standard T5 2 Foot 4 Bulb Fixture with 6500k Bulbs

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This Standard T5 HO 2 Foot 4 Bulb Fixture includes 4 - 6500K 24" T5 Bulbs


This T5 fixture is compatible with both 3000K flower and 6500K veg bulbs. The 3000K bulbs emit a warm light which simulates the light spectrum plants require during their blooming cycle, while 6500K bulbs simulate a more cool light which is ideal for vegetative growth. The fixture will also accomodate a combination of both 3000K and 6500K bulbs which will simulate a more balanced light spectrum.

The efficiency of fluorescent horticultural lighting has quadrupled in the past decade. Low heat output and minimal power consumption make these T5 Fluorescent light fixtures an economic and efficient way to promote quality seed propagation and hearty plant growth. Known for their high lumen output and versatile hanging options, T5 fixtures are the gold standard in fluorescent power, producing twice the light output of legacy fluorescent bulbs. These new low profile T5 fixtures are lightweight, compact, and durable, and utilize premium high efficiency digital electronic ballasts to maximize the power of your bulbs.

The high quality reflective aluminium captures and reflects excess light down to the grow area. T5 fluorescent lights also have a minimal heat output, allowing you to hang the fixture much closer to the plant canopy then was previously possible with traditional HID lighting. T5 lighting can also be used for supplemental lighting with an existing HID (High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide) light system.

 - Reflective High Quality Alumimium
 - Digital Electronic Ballast
 - Convenient On/Off switch
 - 9' 6" built in power cord
 - High Output fluorescent bulbs
 - Built in high strength hanging wires
 - Daisy chaining capabilities
 -Versatile horizontal & vertical hanging options
 - Assembled Dimensions: 24"(L) x 14"(W) x 2.5"(H)
 - Voltage: US 120v
 - Power Draw: 96W
 - Warranty: 3 Year All Inclusive